The Iowa Youth Writing Project is…

a collective of like-minded individuals that aims to join Iowa City’s unique literary heritage with its community, fostering creativity and writing among the children of Iowa City and surrounding communities. It provides writing, tutoring, and publishing opportunities to Iowa’s school-aged children and teens. These opportunities are provided at little or no cost to participants through the volunteer work of Iowa City’s literary community and partnerships with local programs, organizations, and institutions.

The IYWP’s goals and objectives are to…

  • To foster imagination and the art of creative writing for children and teens
  • To provide free opportunities for project-based literary and interdisciplinary learning
  • To inspire children and teens with a lifelong appreciation of the writing arts
  • To create events, workshops, and other avenues for children and teens to work with nationally recognized and professional writers
  • To provide after-school and in-school support for teachers and students
  • To serve as a resource for student writing and publishing
  • To empower youth through language, literature, and creative thinking

This blog is…

a space to highlight and celebrate the effort and creativity of IYWP participants and volunteers.

If you want to be a part of the Project…

visit us at www.iywp.org, where you can find out more, register to participate in programs, sign up to volunteer, join our mailing list, or donate to support IYWP programming. Please “like” us on Facebook as well!


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