The 1619 Project

By IYWP Intern Kelsey Foster

            From what perspective would you say you’ve been taught history? You could say the answer is Western, Post-Colonial, or American and you’d be right. But isn’t it about time we stopped lumping together all American points of views as if they’re the same? 

            The 1619 Project aims to do just that. Developed by Nikole Hannah-Jones and other writers from The New York Timesin 2019, this journalistic project aims to reframe American history by emphasizing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans. Most history that’s taught can be considered “revisionist”, which is the distortion of history in favor of certain perspectives, so it’s not surprising that most curriculums overlook minority perspectives.

            Unfortunately, Iowa legislature is looking to ban this programming. The state’s House Education Committee has written up a bill, House File 222, which is still in motion and proposes that any district using this curriculum will receive reduced funding. 

            Regardless of political views, the resistance towards this initiative is unfounded. Teaching a complete and equal perspective of American history should be a standard in our education but unfortunately it’s not. If you feel passionate about this cause, we encourage you to advocate to Representative Skyler Wheeler because the more voices heard, the harder it is to ignore. 

            We also encourage you to learn more about this project. While there’s so many resources out there, we’ve included some informative and unbiased websites to help with your research.

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