Records for Recollecting

By Kali Postin

In times of uncertainty, it can be difficult to imagine what the future holds. Uncertainty is inevitably accompanied by fear. Rather than spending energy focusing on uncertainty and fear, try focusing on the present. As we remain hopeful for better days ahead, we can use this time to record each of our own, unique experiences throughout the chaos of this Pandemic.


How can this be done?

Any way you would like, but here are some ideas!

  1. Journals

Set aside twenty or thirty minutes each day for your family to record their experiences. Do not limit the material for their entries. Allow each family member to make their journal their own. This means they can record things like their thoughts, stories, and emotions by writing or drawing in their journals. If anyone is getting stuck or is unsure of what to write about, try using an original prompt created by you or your family. This is your experience, so embrace the lack of boundaries and make this journal your own!

  1. Photo Albums

Like journaling, photo albums can be a great way to record experiences and emotions. Your sheltering-in-place photographs may not be what you would typically include in an album, but when you are stuck in quarantine during a global pandemic, anything goes. This album can be as structured or as imaginative as you want it to be. Some may prefer using candid and raw photographs caught while trying to get through, while others might want to make their albums lighthearted and fun—again, there are no rules, so make it yours!

  1. Time Capsules

My favorite method of documenting is creating time capsules. Capsules can contain anything you and your family want to include to remember this unusual time. You can include the aforementioned journals containing your thoughts and stories, the pictures that capture your family’s experience through this insanity, or even trinkets that hold memories you and your family share from this time together. Another fun way to help make this capsule special is to include a letter to yourself. Have each family member do this on their own. In the future, when you decide it is time to open the capsule, each member of the family is then able to read their personal letters and are able to reminisce on what their individual experience looked like.


Regardless of the method(s) your family chooses for documenting the unprecedented experience brought on by a modern global pandemic, there is one lesson we all must take from it. The most important record to be kept through this uncertain and fearful time is, whether we are isolated or not, we are never alone.

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