An Evening With Paperback Rhino

Two weeks ago, members of the IYWP staff and community came together for a very special reason: to make each other laugh. Yes, you read that right. Led by local improv group Paperback Rhino, an entirely student run group unaffiliated with the University,  IYWP staff and volunteers enjoyed a night of comedy as they participated in various comedic exercises that kept the whole room laughing from start to finish.

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The idea to join these two organizations together came from IYWP intern Grace Moore. Grace also happens to be a member of Paperback Rhino and enjoyed seeing her two organizations come together for a few hours. Grace was kind enough to answer a few questions about the experience afterwards:

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Q: How did it make you feel to see your two organizations come together and collaborate on an event?

Grace: To see two organizations so near and dear to me join together felt really good. I am seriously so grateful that Mal and Lisa took the time to listen and work with Jamie and I to make this happen. They are really the two masterminds behind it all. 

Q: Did anything surprise you about how the event went?

G: How seamless everything turned out was a really welcome surprise. I was so pleased with the turnout from the start, but how engaged and naturally talented all of the IYWP volunteers were was also so amazing to witness. 

Q: What are you hoping people take away from the event and from improv in general?

G: On a surface level, I hope that people find new ways to implement idea generation and ice breaker activities in their classrooms and their sites. But on a much deeper level, I hope everyone who came felt the power that is harnessed when you create something out of absolutely nothing but a word. It is truly amazing to see what can be made from someone who gives you a loving suggestion of “anything at all” and trusts that you can make a whole universe! That principal is where the IYWP and Paperback Rhino fit in perfectly together. And it was an amazing experience to watch that unity unfold on Wednesday night.  

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We at the IYWP  want to sincerely thank all the members of Paperback Rhino for a wonderful evening full of laughs and friendship.

If you would like to learn more about Paperback Rhino, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram pages! @paperbackrhino

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