Weekend Recap: Comics Workshop

This past Saturday, the IYWP was proud to host its first comic drawing workshop at Public Space One in Iowa City. A unique event that instead of focusing on the written word, celebrated the art of storytelling through the drawing of a series of images.

comics workshop 2Led by local cartoonist and IC Print Co-Op member, Violet Austerlitz, the workshop consisted of various timed drawing exercises for the students and opportunities for question-answer discussions. Even some IYWP members such as Assistant Director Lisa Roberts and Optics intern James Hirsch were present and participated in the workshop.

comics workshop 5

From characters to landscapes, the students explored their imaginations and tested their skills in sketching. And as the workshop went on, Violet was sure to continue expressing the importance of patience and confidence when tackling longer projects and sketches. “Finished projects are so much cooler than unfinished ones.”

The students were also invited to share their finished pieces at an upcoming event in April called ICE CREAM. At this event, students will get the chance to share and sell their work alongside national artists of all ages and backgrounds. comics workshop 4

Upset that you missed this event? No problem! The IYWP will be hosting a second comics workshop this Saturday, March 9th, from 10-1pm at Public Space One again! Come and enjoy the fun!

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