Summer Camp Blog: Work from Write for Robots and Rewriting the Classics.

For our penultimate blog post of the summer, we are featuring work from two amazing camps: Rewriting the Classics and Write for Robots. In Rewriting the Classics, our teen campers took a look at a few of the classics that have shaped contemporary literature and gave those classics a modern twist. In Write for Robots, our younger campers spent the week building small sets and writing plays that would be acted out by little, glowing robots.

Next, week, we will be featuring work from Sci-Fi Worlds, The Art of the Comic Medium, and The City is Poetry, The City is Yours.

Excerpt from: The American Family, ripenbaum

by Ella R.

Left to do the real work – the work that only an old baby boomer business man could process. So he started gathering important things: food, water, money, the first aid kit, the spare tire (wait, that can go back), the money, the survival stuff, the caviar, the book Frank (the stereotypical & literal middle child) insisted on bringing. Personally, Harold would rather shove it own Frank’s throat. After all, without it, this wouldn’t be happening.

For almost a year now, Frank had picked up a book – ha – more like picked up an obsession. Anyways he loved this book: Switzerlandianese Family Rosenbon or something for his birthday, Viv – Harold’s charming wife decided that they should rent a wooden boat and take him to where they think it happened. THINK. Harold doesn’t use stuff unless it’s at least 94.8% likely Believe me, he knows where “think” can get you.


by Jacqueline

Once upon a time there was 100 rats and she ate all the 100 rats well first she had to use her camouflage if she wanted to eat all the rats she had to use her camouflage to eat them all and hid behind the tree and she had a problem she got fat and she found out that its hard to catch rats and she thought that she wasn’t friendly and when rats came she didn’t eat them.


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