Summer Camp Blog: Work from Word Wizardry and Heroes and Monsters: Exploring World Mythologies through Writing.

This week, we will be featuring work from two fantastic fantasy camps: Word Wizardry and Heroes and Monsters. In Word Wizardry, our campers created their own potions, spells, and magical creatures in the vein of the Harry Potter universe. Heroes and Monsters was part of IYWP’s cooperation with the community of Kalona and featured work inspired by mythology from every corner of the world.

Our featured image this week is a piece of work from the Word Wizardry camp by Stevie W.

To the Quidditch Cup

by Clara M.

My dad had gone early this morning to pitch the tent. My mom and I would go after lunch. I couldn’t contain myself. I begged my dad to go with him. My mom had to drag me away (apparently I had to clean up the house). Lunch was 3 hours away. That was the longest three hours of my life. We got a message from my dad saying the tent was pitched and it was safe to go. I took the soft powder and stepped into the fireplace. Then I was there it was amazing the tent was huge. This time tomorrow I’ll be in an even bigger place. This year the Chuddly Cannons play the Irish. The game was intense the next day, but the Cannons won!!! My family celebrated all night.

The Discovery of the Legendary Forest.

by Harper

At their house. They were kind of bored. So they said “We want to take a walk.” Then their mom said “That’s ok,” so they took a walk. When they were walking they saw a big house made out of logs. And then they decided to go in it. Then when they went in, they saw a cat that was abandoned and then they started to look into all the rooms. They saw two bedrooms. There was a big attic. They saw some old tools for building things. And then they decided to build a small house for the cat. And then the cat went into the little house. They though there wasn’t a lot of stuff for the kitty so they put in some furniture. They went outside for a while and they saw some frogs near a little pond. They used sticks to make little houses for them. On of the frogs was gonna fall out so one of the kids held out their hands to stop it and a little wood made an elevator for the frog. They realized the forest was legendary so that’s how they got some magic powers. For a couple more days they lived in the log cabin and once in a while they visited home and had fun with magical powers.

The End!!

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