Summer Camp Blog: Work from The Imaged Word and Poetry Comics!

This week, we’re featuring work from The Imaged Word and Poetry Comics!, two camps that focused on the ways in which writing and visual art can be integrated. In The Imaged Word, some of our younger campers created artwork inspired by poems they read during camp, as well as poems they wrote themselves.

Poetry Comics! was put on in cooperation with the community of Kalona, IA and focused on marrying the genres of poetry and comic strip to create unique pieces of artwork.

We are also excited to announce the title and cover of our digital summer publication! Our publication will be called Youthquake, a word which refers to the power young people have to create change. The cover for our publication is this post’s featured image, and was designed by Abigail Morrow, one of our wonderful interns.

The Best

by Avery R.

Some people see it as ugly.

But I, I see it as beautiful.

Some people say that they are lost.

I just say they’re exploring.

Some people think that they’re failing.

But I think that they’re flying.

You have to make the best of it.

Life’s too short for worry.

Where the Sidewalk Ends 

by Jeri S.



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