R.O.L.O Write-Up #2: Speaking OBJECTively

By IYWP Intern Rebecca Jefferson

This week at R.O.L.O. with Caleb Rainey students wrote from the perspective of various objects. Caleb challenged students to give life to objects: what would they feel? What would they love? what would they hate? With these questions in mind students turned ordinary objects into characters with stories both heart wrenching and silly!


Fatima at ROLO on 6.20.18
Fatima reading “The Quilt”

“The Quilt” – Fatima

If I was a quilt I would be confused of who I was. I would be confused because I would have so many parts. The quilt would want to be on the wall because people would call it beautiful. The quilt would be hanging up in the museum.  The quilt loves colorful things, so it would be lots of colors with more designs.

The quilt would be happy but at the same time still confused. The quilt would be a unique quilt, seeing all the people pass by calling it amazing and unique. The quilt would love it. It would see all the people taking pictures of it, the quilt loves the attention.

But when it turns night and it turns dark the quilt feels lonely. It doesn’t like being alone, it starts crying because there’s nobody there. The quilt doesn’t like the dark but at the same time it gets tired of all the attention. Hanging up on that wall on the glass, he starts not to like it that much.


Zariah at ROLO on 6.20.18
Zariah reading “The Floor and the Table”

“The Floor and the Table” – Zariah

Dear Table,

I am floor, the opposite of table…I think. So, people walk on me, but you stand on me, and I like that. In fact, I love you, I want you to marry me.

Table’s Reaction: “What! No, I will not marry you! I—I…I hate standing on you, so…I will just float in the air!

*mad face*


R.O.L.O was founded in the Fall of 2016 by Northwest Jr. High Staff members Renee Zukin, Jalexis Senter, and Whitney Lang. The program aims to connect students of color to positive adults in their community and provide support for students of color struggling behaviorally and academically. To learn more about R.O.L.O at Northwest Jr. High click here: http://roloatnwjh.blogspot.com/

Caleb Rainey is a writer, performer, and producer. He has led Slam Poetry Workshops for five different junior highs during the IYWP Junior High Writing Conference. Caleb is also the co-founder of the University of Iowa’s initiative to spotlight black voices on campus: Black Art; Real Stories (BARS). 



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