Summer Camp Blog: Work from Outdoor Poetry and World’s Away: Fantasy Writing

This week on our summer publication blog, we have work from our Outdoor Poetry camp, as well as work from our Worlds Away: Fantasy Writing camp. In this post, you will find work by Hazel Boerner and Lila Stark from Outdoor Poetry and work by Lulu Roarick and Enrique Cox from Worlds Away: Fantasy Writing. The featured image is a map drawn by Dimitri Cox at the fantasy writing camp.

Come back next week to see work from The Imaged Word and A God’s Toolkit: World Building 101.

Forest Battle

by Hazel Boerner

Cynthia staggered down the steep rocky hill leaning to the low stream. Her back right leg dripped with blood. Rocks and sand cut into her leg, making it almost unbearable. But still she got to the cool smooth water. Sweet honeysuckle drifted from the trees nearby. The water washed the blood and the sand away. Cynthia rubbed her other back leg against her hurt leg for the rocks. Then she barely made it home with her still bleeding and broken body.


by Lila Stark

Unicorns are grate

I wonder if they love me !!!

O wait they do 🙂

Lulu - ProseA Revision of Theseus and The Minotaur

by Lulu Roarick

Before the Minotaur was a feared monster, a creature to threaten kids into good behavior, he was a cruel businessman. He was a trickster, manipulative. He was an arrogant, and cocky man, whose wealth seemed to grow by the minute. There was only one man standing in his way for the most wealth and power. King Theseus. King Theseus had everything, and he always trumps the Minotaur with his money. So the minotaur attempted to steal the wealth of King Theseus. But the Minotaur was blinded by his own arrogance, he grabbed all the king’s gold, but he was caught.

King Theseus was furious, and as punishment, he turned the cruel Minotaur int half bull and placed him into the unescapable Labryinth. Every year, King Theseus sent the children of families that he hurt with his cruel manipulation ways, and the children were there to seek revenge for their families poverty that the Minotaur inflicted. But the children never came back alive, the Minotaur ate them.

King Theseus covred up the failed attempts at seeking revenge by telling the villages he ruled over that the children were sacrifices, and they did terrible crimes to reach that unfortunate end.

Years later, children were still being sacrificed, and Theseus was tired of it, so since none of the children could kill the Minotaur, he thought he should do it himself.

Theseus followed the group of children down the labryinth, and had a string trailing behind, to lead a trail. He found the Minotaur, and stabbed him in the heart. The Monster had finally been slain.

King Theseus Victorious, lead the children back to the safety of their villages.

Enrique - Art (camera picture)


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