Summer Camps Blog: Work From Word Wizardry

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

So, this summer, we’re trying something new at IYWP. Each week, we’ll be featuring work from our amazing campers. While only one or two pieces from each camp will be posted here, all of the work we’ve received will be featured in our IWYP Summer 2018 Digital Publication at the end of the summer.

This week, we are featuring work from the first week of Word Wizardry: a Harry Potter Camp. Our featured works are a short story by Flora Zhu and a drawing by Lacy “Lark” Keber.

Flora ZhuIce-Phoenix

by Flora Zhu

-The cold version of a phoenix

-Found only in the coldest areas, where it stays below -65 degrees Fahrenheit all year long

-Can breath a deadly ice breath

-Can turn its opponents to ice

Ice-Phoenix Creation Story

Once upon a time, a phoenix decided to travel to the farthest corners of the world to see what it was like. So she set off, but when she got there, she discovered it was very cold. She turned blue and started shivering. She found a cave with a fire going on in it, and inside was an old wizard. The wizard offered to make her immune to the cold, so the phoenix said yes.

A couple days later, she came back and asked to be turned blue, so she could blend in more and have a lower chance of being seen by potential predators. So the wizard said “Abracadabra, Abrakaream! Turn phoenix to the blue of the sky!” With that, phoenix was blue and she set off again.

The next day, phoenix came again, and asked to breathe in instead of fire. So the wizard performed a spell , and the phoenix said thank you and left.

Phoenix came across a scary monster. Suddenly, just after she though it, the monster turned to ice! That is how the Ice-Phoenix came to be.



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