7 Ways to Get Your Kid to Love Reading!


Having trouble getting your kid to read? Have no fear! Here are some fun and easy ways to promote a love of reading in your child.

1. Let your kid read the books they want to read.

It may be tempting to place your favorite childhood book in front of your kid and expect them to love it as much as you did. However, it’s difficult to fall in love with reading if you don’t really like the books that have been selected for you! Give your kids the opportunities to pick their own reading materials.

2. If they won’t choose, pick books that match their interests. 

If your kid simply refuses to pick for themselves which books to read, then try to choose books tailored to what they already like. For example, if your child loves Transformers, maybe try picking books that have something to do with robots or cars, anything to get them interested initially.

3. Present a wide variety of genres.

There are so many different kinds of books out there for your child to read. If they start reading fantasy books, but aren’t loving it, try suggesting historical fiction or sci-fi. Maybe traditional print altogether isn’t working, so test out graphic novels. There will be SOMETHING that is appealing to your kid.

4. Read WITH your kids. 

For less experienced readers, reading alone can be really boring. Take the time to read books with your kids to make the whole experience more engaging. Also, what a great opportunity for some quality bonding time, right?

5. Embody the characters.

Reading can be most fun when you act it out! Or at least, add a little pizazz when you read out loud. Use silly voices and exaggerated tones to bring the book to life!

6. Set up a reward system. 

Most kids operate best when they have incentives. Reward reading with candy, movies, more play time, or really anything they will enjoy. This associates reading with positive connotations. Eventually, kids will learn to love reading without these rewards.

7. READ! Like, a lot. 

It may seem intuitive, but the more time you spend reading with your child, the more they will grow to love it. It may take a while, but with continued practice, a love of reading can slowly but surely blossom.


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