Growing Writers II

By IYWP Mentor at Longfellow Elementary Taryen Lannutti

Remember the story about a girl who meets her clone? This is a continuation of Ordinary Life by Eliza. To read the first half just click on the Growing Writers blog post. Now, Eliza is still eagerly writing this story, but here is an update!

Ordinary Life By: Eliza

When I researched 7th Ave and she wasn’t there I knew it was not a big deal. But where would I find her? I finally found her I asked her name.

“Alina, that’s my name,” She said. I knew it could be a big coincidence, but still!

“Got to go…” I said. She started to walk in front of me, phew! I crept behind her and snipped her hair. I carefully put it in the zip lock baggie. I began to run faster than my sneakers have ever let me before! That was so close! When I got home I gave the hair to Erin.

“What took you so long!?” She asked. It was not an easy task…

“What are you going to do with it?”

“There is this thing called a microscope…” she kept talking and when she was finally done we walked out of her room and she took my hair and her hair and started looking at them closely.

“What. Are. You. Doing?”

“I am combining your hair with hers, putting them into a test tube, so I can see if there will be a chemical reaction, duh!” she answered

“Do you see anything?” I whispered, glaring at her. “It’s not going to work!”

“Just wait, I need her fingerprint…” she said. How was I supposed to get that?

“Fine.” I answered and walked down stairs to the door.

“What are you up to, honey?” My mom caught me…

“Nothing. Why? What have you heard?” I snapped.

“Nothing, honey. I have to go run an errand.” Finally… My mom left. I decided to empty my backpack and grab a notebook, pencil, ink pad, and more paper. I walked out of the house in search for the girl.


To Be Continued. After all, a writer is always writing.


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