The Show Must Go On!

By IYWP Mentor at Longfellow Elementary Taryen Lannutti

What happens when toys come to life, a prophesy is told, and an evil witch tries to steal your magic? Last Friday the students at Longfellow found out! Our Playwriting unit ended with each group preforming their creative work. Every groups play shined with the immense effort the writers put in! It’s hard to describe how proud each and every person felt at the end of the session. You could hear it in each powerful applause after a group performed. The play writing unit is a beloved repeated unit every semester at Longfellow, one the students enjoy just as much as the volunteers. When the students get together and write collaboratively each result becomes so different than one another. We had three amazing and very different plays. As a volunteer I often worry that because most the kids have similar interests that the plays will reflect that, but they never cease to amaze me. These kids are filled with endless ideas that are so original from one another. My greatest hope for them is to never lose that. With the plays being over, and the last lesson approaching I find myself wondering where the time went this semester, but I know the show must go on.


The cast and writers of Daydream, a play about an evil which nightmare becoming a daydream.


The cast and writers of The Prophesy, a play about two kids and a mine on a journey to learn their truth.


The cast and writers of The Flight of the Toys, a play that describes what happens when toys come to life and get help from a young boy.


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