Friday Night Writes

By IYWP Mentor at Longfellow Elementary Taryen Lannutti

I often get the question, “What do you do at writing club?” A question that is harder to answer than you might think. Simply put, we write. We write a lot actually, but people are never satisfied with that answer. I think they expect something more, which is fair because it’s a lot more than writing. These kids build friendships with other writers and volunteers. They learn to challenge themselves, and so much more. So,I decided to explain what we do on Fridays in the most fitting way I could think of, a poem.

On Friday Nights, we Write!

On Friday nights we write.

We write to let people know

how we think, feel, and dream.

We write to escape

into magical worlds with endless adventures.

We write to create

characters that are just as real to us as anyone else.

We write to laugh

at the crazy things those characters do.

We write to inspire

our friends and our foes.

We write to fight

the unfairness we come across.

We write to challenge

our limits, our minds, our goals.

We write to hope

that one day our stories will change how the world thinks,

but most importantly on Friday nights we write because we love it

and we couldn’t imagine a world without it.


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