Lights, Cameras, Action!

By IYWP Mentor at Longfellow Elementary Taryen Lannutti

It’s that time of the semester again. Writing club gets into character for the Longfellow plays! Every semester the IYWP volunteers work with the writers to develop play scripts, practice them, and perform them for the afterschool program and their parents. I know I am not supposed to show any favoritism, but this is always my favorite lesson. The students get so involved in the creative process. Their faces light up with ideas and love each time we work on plays. They take such a unique writing process and literally bring it to life. This last Friday I had the chance to walk around to all the different play groups and to no surprise each group had such different and imaginative ideas for their plays. Groups have plot lines including magical realms with evil queens called Nightmare to aliens on that come from very different home planets. I am eager to see how each group brings their characters to life in a few weeks.


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