Learning from Longfellow

By IYWP Mentor Taryen Lannutti
Writing for me has always been a hobby that processing life and nothing much more than that. It was never a hobby that I really pursued. I chose to go into the Education Program. Creative writing never really fit into my mind set. I have always enjoyed the classroom and heard about the work that the IYWP was doing through another volunteer. I decided to give it a try, after all I love teaching and you can never get to much pre-teaching experience. Last semester was my Longfellow experience and let me tell you, these kids are nothing less than amazing. Their writing inspires not only me, but every other volunteer that works with them. Their writing has the ability to take you on journeys into magical worlds, think about the unimaginable, and leave long lasting impressions. That is why I continued to volunteer this semester. Longfellow has taught me to enjoy writing again. Not only did they remind me how wonderful writing is, but how important creativity is in our everyday lives. My time at Longfellow has ensured me that when I become a teacher I will do everything in my power to incorporate creativity that could flow into their writing. I’ll leave you with an example of some creative Longfellow work.

I feel…

By: Nina


I am silly, goofy, dilly, so write me a poem

I am sad, crying, and teary so write me a poem

I am scared, fearing all the above so write me a poem

I am excited, joyful, fun filled so write me a poem

I am bored, gray, and silent so write me a poem

I am upset, angry, and mad so write me a poem

I am everything so write me a poem.


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