The X-Files: Longfellow Edition

By IYWP Mentor Taryen Lannutti

This week at Longfellow students stepped onto our writing club spaceship and took off into the fantasy genre! Students grouped together to create creatures from wacky planets, and created interesting facts about planet around them! Before we landed back on Earth, groups shared their crazy creations!

Meet Billy McForton

Created by: Freda, Fergie, Ben, and Sully.


Billy Mcforton is an alien from the planet Zorpacalla! (A planet composed of floating rock.) His planet is cluttered with endless space junk, so he spends his free time in the burger realm. His favorite meal of choice is a fresh bowl of hot kittens!

Meet Pondra (Ondra-Pay)

Created by: Fiona, Oliva, and Anya


Pondra is a sassy alien from the planet Neptune! Her hometown lies between many Blue Mountains. Throughout her day she snacks on Pinewood. She only speaks Pig Latin or should I say, Ig-pay Atin-lay! She has a pet hellhound that travels with her everywhere. Her latest problem is that the humans are cutting down all her trees!


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