Last Week at Longfellow


by IYWP Mentor Victoria Peterson

This week at Longfellow was bittersweet. It was our last class but we had a lot of fun saying goodbye. The students were all gifted a IYWP notebook that they were able to customize with stickers. a mechanical pencil, and the anthology of all of their work from the semester.


Then after a few writing prompts we revealed the pièce de résistance, a Pink Piggy Piñata! The students were asked questions about their time in writing club and about literary techniques before they were given the chance to take a swing at the piñata.


When everyone got a turn, I took a few swings and was able to break it, revealing all of the sweets and glow sticks we had prepared for them. The students loved their surprise and it was the perfect end to our semester. I will miss them all so much and hope they all keep writing, reading, and sharing their workLongfellowGroup.


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