Poetry By Frida

by IYWP Mentor Michael Corsiglia

Throughout the year the students at Longfellow Elementary have been encouraged to find some form of writing that they love, and to do as much of that writing as they can.  Frida joined the writing club with an interest in poetry that has blossomed into a passion.

Frida and Friends

The following poems are a glance at some of her work from this year.

Fear all inside.
It will consume me
and live my life.
So floating like
I dance down the stream.
And excuse my fears
from inside me.

I live,
I fly.
I close my eyes.
I’m dancing.
My life is just a spin.
I flutter,
I flap,
Twirl across the map,
of stars,
plus Mars.

Writing Club
At writing club, we write and play.
It’s so much fun, I’d share all day!
Some work together, the staff are great,
It’s writing club– Oh, I can’t wait!.

The grass is green,
The sky is clear,
I will never want to leave here.
The hills surround me,
I take it in,
The fields and trees and grassy greens.
I am alone, and yet I’m not,
I’m with the birds and the hills and trees that I’ve caught.


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