Comic Strip and Circle Story Fun at Longfellow

by IYWP Mentor Victoria Peterson

This week in Longfellow’s Writing Club, teachers gave the students a variety of comic strips with all the conversations taken out of them.


Students were allowed to write whatever they wanted into the comics and change the stories that they may or may not have remembered.


The students were amazed at how different their stories could be when some of them had the same comic strip.

We also had a writing activity where each student was given a prompt such as “There once was a dragon in a faraway land who liked to…” and they added a sentence to it before passing it on to their neighbor.


By the time the stories made it back to their original writer, the stories were finished and the combined work of all the students was something everyone enjoyed. Some were easy to understand when shared whereas others were so unique in their creativity they gave us all a laugh. Each one was more entertaining than the last and it was a fun-filled day in Writing Club.


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