A Hole

by IYWP Mentor Mike Corsiglia

Last week at Longfellow Elementary Writing Club the students were given the opportunity to share some of their work that was done outside of the writing club.  The students eagerly took turns sharing various pieces of writing including short stories, novel excerpts, and poems.  They were all fascinating, but a couple that especially caught my eye were from Fiona and Olivia.  Fiona had a prose poem that she had written that was inspired by current season called “A Hole.” Here it is:

I love the warmth, but not the cold.  So don’t leave dear spring, don’t leave dear summer or you’ll leave a hole in my chest.  A hole where my heart should have been.  When I write, my teacher will say, “Your heart isn’t in it.”  I’ll respond, “I know, and until spring, and until summer, it never will be.”  She’ll say, “Your crazy.” and I’ll say, “I know, yet I can’t be.  For there’s a hole in my chest, a hole where my heart should have been.”  So please, dear spring, please, dear summer, don’t leave, or you’ll leave a hole in my chest, a hole where my heart should have been.

The other piece of writing that I thought was really amazing was a book that was being written by Olivia. The book was called, “The Dark Village.”  It was the beginnings of a Star Wars fan-fiction novel that she had been working on for a few weeks.  She shared just one of the chapters with the class.

The Dark Village by Olivia
The Dark Village by Olivia, a novel-in-progress

While listening to all of these readings I realized how much of an impact the IYWP can have on the children we serve.  These students all have developed a genuine love for writing.  This is something that I was totally unfamiliar with when I was a student.  When these young boys and girls passionately use their creativity and imagination it is unbelievable the beauty they can create.


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