Last Day of Writers Workshop at Horace Mann Elementary School

 Tuesday, May 6, 2014 was the last day of Writers Workshop at Horace Mann Elementary School.During this last meeting we took the kids outside (for the first time!) to enjoy the wonderful weather and play a new game called Sharks and Minnows. This is a game which they were all familiar with, butone that we had not yet played in Writers Workshop. It turned out to be an absolute blast, mainly because the volunteers got to run around with the kids and pretend we were all in elementary school again, which was a great break from the real world for each of us . We then moved back into the gym to eat cupcakes while the students shared the stories that they have been working on over the last four weeks. This was a great way to end the semester, as every student was able to showcase their progress and hard work. I am personally extremely proud of, and more so amazed, by each and every one of our students’ dedication to Writers Workshop and to developing and expressing their creativity. It is very fulfilling for me as a volunteer to think back on all that these students have accomplished in such a short amount of time. For example, Madilyn wrote a 5 page story in just three short meetings, something I do not think that I could have even done!

This semester has truly flown by, and I cannot believe that our time is up with these wonderful students. Our last moments with them were very bittersweet, and I can speak for all of the volunteers when I say that it was difficult to be leaving, either temporarily or permanently, as in my case. I’m going to miss seeing Madilyn, Max, Lulu, Yaffa, Oscar, Angelo, Hannah, Sylvia, Allison, Leah, Robbie,and all of the other Writers Workshop students every Tuesday, but after working with each of them, I have developed the utmost faith in these students: faith in their writing abilities, faith in their creativity, and faith in their potential to achieve their aspirations.

–Samantha Kellar



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