Last Day

 Today was the last day of workshop essentially. It was very bittersweet and everyone in the end seemed to be genuinely sad that it was over. I guess this is what I want to blog about, the relationships between us and the kids throughout this journey of workshop.

When I first got to Horace Mann, I really felt out of my zone. I couldn’t necessarily approach any kid there and act as if we were close, I had to build my relationships with them but also maintaining a teacher like vibe. I was worried that I would focus more on working than actually having fun with the kids but as I can look back on it, I was completely wrong. Today really showed me how much it meant to the kids for us to go there every Tuesday, to show them and give them some spotlight, and to really bring out the uniqueness of each and every one of them.

I guess this lesson plan really had an emotional tug but not a powerful one or overwhelming one, it was just bittersweet. I felt proud of myself for actually doing something for not only myself but for the others in the community. Maybe I or one of us really impacted the kids’ lives and thoughts which is amazing to think about. Today especially, we shared our stories we had worked on for the past 3 weeks. I worked with Madi and when she shared her story, she truly felt proud reading it out loud. This made me feel really good that I could help her reach her potential.


-Sam Kim


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