“You’re my best friend”

It was extremely bittersweet walking into the Longfellow classroom for the last time this year. I knew we had an awesome lesson plan for the kids and I was so excited to show them our final project, but I didn’t want it to be over. We started the day by going outside to play a funny version of freeze tag called Taco Bridge.


Olivia came to unfreeze me during the game.


“You’re my best friend,” she said, standing above me.


She had clung to me since the first day of Writing Club and I felt I had a connection with her, like a big sister. When she said that, I could have cried because it was so cute, but instead, I joked around with her for almost the whole time.


When our time came to an end, after an awesome party with face painting and cookies, I waved goodbye and headed for the door.


Olivia came running, “Wait!”


First, she grabbed my leg trying to stop me from walking out the door. When I kept walking, she ran to block the door. She even got some of her friends to help block it and they started chanting.




I was laughing so hard I almost forgot I would not be able to see these bright and goofy kids the next Thursday. As hard as it was to walk out of that classroom, I feel good knowing we made such an impact on not only their writing skills, but who they are as people. I cannot wait for next fall and, IYWP, I will be back!!


-Kelsey Sopchyk


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