What We Might Find Floating in the Water

The students I help learn after school always amaze me with how creative they can be. One of my students revealed just how creative a children’s mind is, and how absurd it can be at the same time. For a recent project we had them complete we tasked the kids with describing a river, such as how deep it is, what might the river be made of, what color is the river, etc…and when I asked one student what we might find floating in the water, he replied, without missing a beat, dead bodies. I was shocked at first by his blunt, carefree delivery of something so awful, but I slowly realized that he was actually thinking outside the box, albeit in a more twisted matter. The other students said that garbage floats, wood floats, and ships float down the river, but they didn’t flinch after he said that dead bodies float down rivers too. The other children nodded in agreement and moved on without dwelling on this ghastly idea, much like I should have done, but I couldn’t get over what he said and how he said it. It must not have been that big of a deal, because when I asked him about why he said that, he just shrugged it off and kept playing along. This perplexed me further but I decided to leave it as is and not think much of it. What he came up with may not be pleasant, yet true, bodies do float in water, but I could not help but think of where he would learn something like that. I chocked it up to too much TV. No matter what, though, he still had the most creative thing to put up on the board when describing a river, and I think that he was a little proud of it, because I know I was, albeit for strange reasons.


-Evan Grooms


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