Excuses and Reasons

Today, I want to blog about the topic of excuses and reasons. In most cases both are fine and people accept them and move on. But in times of need and want, I guess it would be safe to say in times of situations of great need, no matter what reason there is, it’ll always come off as an excuse. Some people may listen to these reasons/excuses while others will just continuously vent and stay annoyed.

I am blogging about this topic because it affects everything that happens in life. I see it all the time during workshop and I also fall victim to excuses and reasons. It is very easy to use an excuse as a scapegoat if I am afraid of the consequences of my actions. However, I feel like excuses work more when they are not really prevalent. In times when nothing matters and yet when I have a reason but the situation at hand is more serious, it’ll always come off as an excuse. Whenever a kid at Horace Mann is talking or too energetic. We acknowledge it with a “Hey can you please be quiet” in some cases, he or she will listen and we move on. In other cases, that kid will either explain why he or she is talking so much. Although we do not really expect a valid reason as to why he or she is talking out of turn, there could be instances where it would be a viable decision made.

I want to talk about my situation as well. Or blog about it. I live pretty far from campus, on Benton Street which is an 8-10 minute drive to where I need to go. And that is if the lights are in my favor. My roommate and I share a car and on Tuesdays, he uses the car. Well this day he did. And the past few Tuesdays he has. He usually takes the bus but he had things to do before. But he comes back around 3:15-3:20. If he arrives at 3:15 then it’s never a problem. But on this Tuesday, he came at 3:26. So to me, this was like the most disappointing thing in the world because he knows that I have to go to Horace Mann and do Writer’s Workshop. But he came and I couldn’t really yell at him because it was my lesson plan. I got in the car and sped to Horace Mann. As I got there, I could tell there was tension and I really wanted to say sorry right away. I had the lesson plan sheets in hand but it was too late and everyone there was disappointed as well. But it’s the moment I tried to explain that I felt that I couldn’t and that no one wanted to listen.

It’s these moments where it’s never an excuse but a reason and that’s when no one wants to listen. Sure, there could have been preemptive steps I could have taken. I could have went to downtown before that but at the same time, I would have had to walk to Horace Mann instead as well. I relied on my roommate and he failed me. Sometimes, I wish people could trade thoughts through their minds instead of through speech, so people can mentally show someone else. 

-Sam Kim


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