Today, I want to blog about something that really caught my mind during the workshop. It was about how if one kid can control the mood and attitude of others around him or her. In the beginning of the lesson it was really hard to get the kids to be quiet. Maybe today in particular they were excited because of the weather or they ate a lot of sugar. But everyone was loud and in a way disrespectful at first. They wouldn’t listen if we asked politely. And so then I started to observe them and why they would continue to be loud after being asked so many times to be quiet.

I realized or what came to me as a conclusion was that they would feed off others. XXX in particular is very good at this. He would wait for the perfect time when everyone would get quiet to say something that would cause a hysterical reaction out of others. Either by saying inappropriate things or disobeying what we ask. This causes some sort of chain reaction for others to feel like that it is okay to disrespect given rules. This was interesting to watch because I can remember doing this a lot in middle school and high school. But the thing is, these kids are in elementary school entering middle school. That kind of worries me but after volunteer Katie really laid down the rules and made sure everyone knew she wasn’t really in the mood for it, it progressively stopped and everyone then started to just get back to work.

I felt like just this whole beginning situation was very not disappointing but interesting to watch and see how much an individual person can affect a group of people.


-Sam Kim



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