We’ve Got More Layers than an Onion

One of the Horace Mann students’ favorite activities is playing with the Question Ball, a big rubber ball with questions written all over it. We stand in a circle and throw the ball back and forth, answering the question your right thumb lands on. Questions include, “Quiznos or Subway?” “What is your worst nightmare?” “Which candy are you?” and the command, “Bust a move!” The Question Ball is a great icebreaker activity on the first day or just a fun and easy game to keep in your back pocket for extra time.

Last week, the kids began working in groups on collaborative stories to be published in a chapbook at the end of the semester. Each group has been having a blast working with an IYWP volunteer on developing crazy characters and elaborate settings to use in their stories. During Writers’ Workshop this week, we wanted to help the kids add more depth to their characters and settings. Using the amazing Question Ball, we asked each kid to answer the questions as a character in their story. 


“What are you going to be for Halloween?”

Leah: Mr. Hotdog is going to be a bottle of mustard


“What is your favorite season?”

Oscar: The Pineapple Panda Prince’s favorite season is spring because that’s when pineapples are ripe.


“What is your favorite band?”

Maddy: In Wavy World, the most popular band is The Fuzzies. They make electronic music.


“What is your favorite ice cream flavor?”

Angelo: Hateblood the Vampire’s favorite flavor is vanilla because it’s he hates blood and anything close to the color red.


“Do you have any pets?”

Robby: Bad Grammar King has infinite pets! And they all speak in bad grammar.


I am so excited to see where the young writers of Horace Mann will take their imaginations next week!


-Katie de Loys


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