Who Can Catch The Most Words

This week at Mark Twain I learned more than most weeks as we had a bit of a mixed group. The original lesson plan was based around grammar. Each table was based around a part of speech: adjective, noun, verb, adverb. When we started the lesson I thought something looked a little different about the group. It turned out that they were almost all in second or third grade and had no idea what the parts of speech were. The lesson quickly turned into a game of trying to help them learn while trying to get enough words to use for the second part of the project – making stories out of the mixed up words.

The volunteer team quickly recovered and regained our face when we discovered something else about the kids – they loved having words thrown at them, so we decided to make a little game out of who could catch the most words. Because of this we managed to turn something that was boring and confusing into something fun and productive. Their stories turned out very funny (as always) and we managed to hold their attention once we started piecing the stories together.

Next time maybe we’ll have a backup lesson plan for younger kids. But at least it’s good to know we can think on our feet. Now the real challenge is finding enough time to play a game at the end of class. This will be my next goal!


-Derek Kellison


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