When I walked into the classroom this afternoon, fellow volunteer Johnny handed me a picture. It was a little boy with a big winter coat on, holding up what looked like a sign in front of Iowa Book. At first, I thought it was Johnny as a kid, so I said, “Aw, cute!” and handed it back to him, sort of uninterested.

Johnny said, “That’s not me, it’s Fergie!”

I snatched it back for another look.

Fergie is one of the students we work with every week. He might be the most bright, energetic, and creative fourth grader I have ever seen. He’s the first one to raise his hand, throw out ideas, and share his work week after week – there is never a dull moment with Fergie in the classroom. He’s the kid that can sit in a corner for hours writing short stories when everybody else is playing activities to “get the wiggles out.” 

As I took a closer look, the picture of Fergie seemed to be a postcard and he was holding a book. I flipped it over.

Johnny and I looked at each other…. “No way!”

It was an invitation. Fergie had written a book. He titled it “Lucky” and there was a picture of a cat on the front. The invitation invited all the volunteers to his book signing/selling at Iowa Book this Saturday, where he would sell copies of “Lucky” for $3.99 – all of the proceeds will go to an animal shelter for cats.

Not only was this the cutest thing I have ever seen, but it was heartwarming to see that one of our students took initiative to write a book – at age 11 ! Every week, I get excited to see all of those kids, it’s rewarding that they look up to us and look for our support. Needless to say, you will find all of us at Iowa Book on Saturday! 



Kelsey Sopchyk 


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