“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Olivia asked me in the middle of doing Mad Libs.



I laughed, blushed, and said, “Yeah, I actually do.”


She smiled at me.


“Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked her. She looked like she had something to say. 


“No,” she said and looked down at her paper. “Well, Noah likes me, but I don’t like him because I’ve known him since I was in my mom’s tummy, so I think that’s weird.”


“Why don’t you like him if he likes you? It sounds like you’re good friends,” I told her.


“Yeah,” she half-grinned, “I dunno. Adjective!”


As funny as it sounds, this was a really special moment for me. Even though we only spend an hour a week together with these kids, they seem to look up to us so much. The best part of my week is walking into Longfellow to a hug from a different student every Thursday. I could tell by the second week the kids were warming up to us and started to enjoy sharing the work they had written. And now, they feel comfortable being our friend. It’s refreshing to spend time with young, creative, and wild minds every week. Now that I’ve had some personal conversations with some of the students, I enjoy volunteering even more.


I wanted to be a part of IYWP to help these kids learn something, I never expected to learn so much from them. (:


Kelsey Sopchyk 


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