Nonsensical Nonsense by Katie de Loys

 Nonsensical Nonsense 


Time and time again, the activities that bring the students of Horace Mann the most joy involve gibberish, nonsense, and pure silliness. These kids love using their imaginations to create characters, places, and objects they never thought possible.

This week, we challenged our young writers with an activity called Nonsense Words. First, each student was asked to write down a few gibberish words on a piece of paper. Then, we swapped papers with another student, who then defined the words they received. Everyone had their original nonsense words returned to them, and was challenged to use those defined words in a short poem.


Here are some of the entries added to our repertoire of nonsense words:

Fissapowa-laka: an ancient extinct dinosaur that was not discovered until the 23rd century

Dapolentolitios: a fruit that is highly toxic

Ziglag: a prism-skinned fly that pukes rainbow juice on everything it lands on. It is very rare and its puke is extremely valuable because it cures asthma.

Hulg: cardboard

Winklesnuckle: awesome bacon pancakes

Flaflaflaflaflaflay: a phrase used to describe bad food


The kids created some awesomely hilarious poems. This is Madilyn’s poem:

One day the baskawato was on the hunt for trash.

So they found a tweeaver that said that the trash tasted danic, but it was


The baskawatos ate the trash.

They exploded.

Curse you tweeaver!

The end.


-Katie de Loys


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