Spooky Halloween Activities

Creative Week came to the IYWP last weekend! We set up a route around town for people to follow, and stamped a passport after they had completed each activity. (The people who finished were entered into a raffle to win prizes.)

I was stationed at The Haunted Bookshop with a ghost story activity and the company of millions of books and two friendly cats. We wrote backwards ghost stories in (about) six lines. People picked their last line randomly from a set of cards, and then had to figure out a ghost story that ended with that line.

Dora, one of the IYWP coordinators, stopped in to write and illustrate a story herself (excerpted below):



I also wrote… five?… of them myself. There were some quiet lulls in visitors when I got a little bit bored. đŸ™‚ But instead of sharing those with you, I want to share all of the ending lines. Maybe you can get your own creative juices flowing in the spirit of Halloween!

The cat ate the bagel!

The rattling continued.

She jumped.

It all ended just before dark. Thank goodness!

The banana peel slid off of his/ her shoulder and onto the floor.

The tennis shoes walked away. By themselves!

“Boo!” he/ she shouted.

The moon was high and bright in the sky.

It was a ghost!

The light moved away and faded into the distance.

~By Hanna Busse


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