Art in Action


IYWP and ps-z came together to offer a stenciling workshop during two Thursdays this fall. This IYWP volunteer heard about it half-way through and really wanted to get involved! Josh MacPhee taught the first workshop, and on week two, we put his lessons into action.



 We designed stencils, cut them out of card stock with exacto knives, and even got the chance to spray paint them!



We discussed stenciling as an alternative method of political action in a community (though graffiti is illegal), imagined where we might paint our own stencils in Iowa City, and talked about other ways to use stenciling in public and personal art.

Note: This is the blogger’s own political stencil!

frozen yolo


This is our experiment in spray-painting from the second workshop. It came out kind of cool; everyone has his or her own area of stenciling.



John (from PS-Z) had the idea of re-painting a graffiti-covered dumpster outside PS-Z. It would give the group a chance to use our stencils while beautifying the community; lots of people were interested in extending our meetings to work on the project. We met again last Thursday to come up with a plan and start working!

This is the dumpster as it currently stands.

FYI: We’re still waiting for permission to paint the dumpster, so it’s not all-systems-“go” quite yet.

~By Hanna Busse


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