Volunteer Experiences: What’s the shape of your name?

Be-You-tiful Workshop Week One

We started the workshop off by introducing ourselves. Four volunteers, Catherine, Abbie, Chelsea, and I, and three students, Rhiannon, Maya, and Anna, were there! We went around in a circle in an activity called “Shape of a Name”. Each person moves and positions their body in a way that they think represents who they are and why.

We followed that activity with examples of spoken word pieces, a dance piece, and a poem that influenced the idea of this workshop. A discussion followed; including what made each piece work and what we can incorporate into our own work.

In order to create the recorded piece, we had everyone generate a list of things we want people to know about us, and a list of things we don’t want people to know about us. We shared a handful of things with each other, and then whittled it down to three from each list.

We finished out the day by recording our three “to knows” and three “not to knows”.

~ By Bri Atwood

Influences for the workshop:






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