Volunteer Experiences: Making a Soundscape

Be-You-tiful Workshop Week Two

This week we focused on the performance state “neutral”. Neutral allows us to react to situations and events faster. It puts us, and allows us to be, in a more present state. In this present state we are more able to connect with those around us. Being in neutral means that the natural energy in the body is aligned; the spine is straight, the hips are tucked under, and the shoulders are down and relaxed. A lengthening happens; the head is pulled up (by an invisible string) while the feet drive into the ground.

After working with neutral and trying to attain that state, we began choreographing the dance to the soundscape of our “to knows” and “not to knows.”

I came into the workshop with an idea and vision of what I wanted it to look like. But through collaboration the dance portion evolved into something bigger and better than I could’ve ever imagined. Stay tuned!

~By Bri Atwood


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