Volunteer Experiences: Reading to the class

The Goldie Locks Day

I looked up and screamed! Why? Because that’s what we were doing, screaming and falling out and it was awesome. The kids at Pheasant Ridge like this game and to be honest so do I. To play you have to be a genius. You look at the floor, someone counts to three, quickly you look up and point to whoever, BUT! If that “whoever” you’re looking at and pointing to is looking at and pointing to you, you must SCREAM like never before. Then fall down. Yay.

After falling on the floor because someone looked us in the eye, we all got in a circle for story time. Goldie Locks and the three bears was the tale and Erin and I were the readers. We didn’t read the story to them, that would have taken forever (too many worded pages). Instead we summarized what was going on in the pictures to the kids. It was kinda funny because the story wasn’t exactly fresh in my mind. I had to get assistance, a lot. Our kids really enjoyed our reading  (like I’m serious they were surrounding us). However, the story had to end and just as the bears were coming home we slammed the book closed.

“All right, now YOU guys have to come up with your own endings to the story!” we told them.

The kids looked at us. And then the magic began.

The plan was to have the kids work in groups but they had their own ideas of what was to be done when the bears got home…so we let ‘em be solo artist.

When it was time to gather around and share…it was time to gather around and share. One kid’s story ended with the house being haunted because Goldie Locks was playing a mean trick on the frightened bears. Another kid’s story ended with the bears being so mad at Goldie that they rode in on a shark and had it it eat her, Goldie died. We did have some happy endings. One was with the bears seeing Goldie and challenging her to a game of basketball. Somehow Derrick Rose was there and he won. We even had Goldie Locks break dancing against baby bear on the kitchen table for the porridge.

It was cool to have the kids to do this activity because in a way we got to see what they valued– Basketball? Dancing? Sharks?

As usual we ended it off with making wishes and a new ritual of ours- hugs.

~ By Del-Marie Nelson


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