Back to Lemme Elementary

Last semester, one afternoon per week, a group of IYWP volunteers went to Lemme Elementary school to work with bilingual students in an after-school program. This summer the IYWP is headed back to Lemme, working with a group of approximately 30 students attending the school’s summer day program. On Tuesday, Sherry, an outstanding new volunteer, and I worked with students in groups of 10. The students rotated through three different classrooms hosting different activities, ours being a four-panel comic group workshop. The first 10 students were 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade girls, the second was a pack of very energetic 1st graders (I called them kindergarteners at first–big mistake), and the third was composed of 4th and 5th grade boys.

When the first group of girls walked into the classroom, one of them recognized me from the spring program. “It’s you!” She yelled. She ran over to give me a hug. Then she looked up at me. “What’s your name again?” She asked.


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