Creative Mentorship with BIG Impact!

Tara Armstrong, a student in the UI Undergraduate Certificate in Writing Program (and recently accepted into the UI College of Education!), has been sharing her creativity and empathy with the IYWP ever since taking “Writing with Purpose” in Fall 2012. This semester, she has been volunteering one-on-one as an IYWP Writing Mentor to 11-year-old Carley in North Liberty. Carley was always passionate about fiction, but her interest in poetry has blossomed during her time with Tara. One poem of Carley’s has been accepted for Iowa City’s 2013 Poetry in Public Project, and two others have been accepted for publication through a contest suggested by her school librarian.

Carley has shared some of her poems with the IYWP Blog (below).

Candle in the Dark

A candle flickers

against the gathering dark

warding off sorrow

The Northern Lights

The colorful lights

dance against the northern sky

bringing hope and joy


The breeze sweeps over the vast fields of corn

the sun sets over rolling hills turning

the clouds into streaks of paint

and fire burns across the sky

that only the darkness of night can tame

and as the moon shows its shining face

I’m proud to call Iowa my home.

Carley, 11 years old

North Liberty, Iowa


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