The Deadly Flower Garden

Once there was a flower garden. One day when a man walked in the garden he never came back out. More people went in and they figured out that the man had been eaten by the flowers. Then the people got eaten too. One day, it started at the beginning of the flower garden, when you walked in there were grave signs. Also, there were live bones dancing and the signs read turn back keep away. The middle of the flower garden is the scariest. There are hands that grab at you, heads that are just bone and spears that come down and stab you. When you pass the middle of the garden there are things that chase you, like vampires, zombies, werewolves, and other creatures. The creatures come in the corn maze and they hide the headless-horseman and the spider that spits out fire and ice shards. As you continue through the maze, then comes the Doc, who wears a lab coat and glasses with a black shirt and black pants. He might torture you. When you are out of the maze you will get nightmares about the flower garden when you go to bed. Have sweet dreams.
Jonathan, Age 11

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