The Potion is Complete

I went camping and the other campers were asleep. It was ten minutes until midnight when it happened. I poured my potion down another camper’s throat. I dropped the jar because something was happening. The camper turned into a giant praying mantis and it was trying to eat us, so I had to make a potion to stop it:

spider guts

a witch’s mole

nose hair

six eyeballs

witch earwax

armpit hair from a witch

old man hair

a dash of dead hair

witch’s toenails

lizard tongue

vampire tooth

ghost sweat

300 gallons of blood

moth balls

bed bugs

And I mixed them by a blender. It was almost complete but I was running out of time. I had five dollars and I needed to get the potion in his mouth so I bought a slingshot. Finally I got to where the praying mantis was there. He stood looking at me like a picture following me, then we charged at each other like bulls. I flung the potion in his mouth. Five seconds later… It worked. I did it. I beat him.

–DEONDRA, 10 years old

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Fall 2011


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